Go somewhere beautiful this weekend. Happy Friday Adventurers 👣🌲💦 (at www.amyrollo.com)
22nd Aug 201410:09
Burned my forearms on the pavement for this shot in eastern Oregon. Worth it.  (at www.amyrollo.com)
21st Aug 201407:42
A snapshot from one of the many scenic roads @leanaleo and I traveled on over the last two weeks. We covered a lot of ground between Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and British Columbia. So many great photos in so many beautiful places. 🌻👣🌲🍁🌎 (at Amy Rollo Photo)
20th Aug 201409:09
Striking a pose at Snively Hot Springs. The last beautiful detour on the way back to Portlandia.
19th Aug 201409:586 notes
The trail out only got sketchy in a couple places. And @leanaleo only dropped the bear mace off the ridge once. 🐻👣🌲
19th Aug 201407:57
By special request, a handstand in my ballerina skirt. Apparently you can still be a lady when in the mountains. 👑🎀💄
18th Aug 201414:36
Who knew Idaho was so beautiful? A fantastic last stop on this whirlwind road trip.  (at Boise National Forest)
18th Aug 201410:271 note
No yoga poses. Just pure mesmerization at Halfway River in British Columbia. 💦🌲☀️👙
16th Aug 201413:231 note
Arm balances on top of a bus at sunset at Shambhala. #thegoodlife
There were some seriously magical trees on Saddle Mountain. @leanaleo  (at www.amyrollo.com)
15th Aug 201415:03
@leanaleo and I have been on some gnarly roads lately. Every one of ‘em has had a magnificent reward at the end. 🐾🌲☀️ (at www.amyrollo.com)
15th Aug 201409:41
After five hours of climbing up and down a mountain, a soak in Halfway Hot Springs was absolutely necessary. Around the corner from this shot is a waterfall with spawning salmon making their way upstream. Behind the lens is @leanaleo soaking in nature’s hot tub. Loving British Columbia.
14th Aug 201413:32
Opaque  by  andbamnan