Regram from @staywildmagazine of a moment from my adventures in the Atacama desert in #chile. @howdoyousee and @ulbrichja heading to slide sideways over sand dunes. #quityourjobandtravel  (at
Backpackers heart beautiful beaches. And Pringles. They definitely love Pringles. ☀️💦💚 #quityourjobandtravel  (at
Crazy skies over Lava Lake. I’ll take it 👍 Mt Bachelor in the background. Love this place called Oregon.  (at Amy Rollo Photo)
22nd Jul 201417:03
Just chilling on a boat shooting some long exposures. 🌲💦⛵️ (at Odell Lake, Oregon)
22nd Jul 201409:10
@leanaleo just floating around a lake in front of a mountain.  (at Mount Bachelor, Oregon)
21st Jul 201415:23
Hanging out the moonroof of a Subaru taking snapshots of backcountry Oregon. What did you get up to this weekend? (at Sunny Sunriver, Oregon)
21st Jul 201409:29
You are free at the moment you want to be. Be free.💗 (at Amy Rollo Photo)
18th Jul 201411:15
You are free at the moment you want to be. Be free. 💗 💗 (at Amy Rollo Photo)
18th Jul 201411:14
A little pitstop en route to the coast. @leanaleo #oregon #pacificnorthwest  (at Tillamook National Forest)
@leanaleo’s Subaru takes us on lots of #ladyadventures. This time to a very foggy beach on the Oregon coast.  (at Amy Rollo Photo)
So camping on the Oregon coast is photographically rewarding.  (at Whalen Island County Park)
15th Jul 201412:47
Beach party at the river. This is how we do in Oregon.
13th Jul 201412:591 note
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