Walking on my hands. Trying not to fall off a cliff. Good times. 🌲💪🌎 #columbiarivergorge #oregon  (at Angel’s Rest)
Happy Sunday, adventurers. I hope you’re somewhere epic this holiday weekend. 

Psssst! This image (in full, not insta-cropped) will be available for purchase at @lizardloungepdx’s First Thursday party this, uhhhh, Thursday (sept 4).  (at Amy Rollo Photo)
31st Aug 201410:15
Totally forgot about snapping shots through the ever handy iPhone dry bag whilst floatin’ down the Sandy a few days ago. Not the best quality shot going through a layer of wet plastic, so let’s pretend it’s from a Holga 😜👍💦🍺🔮 great day with @danica_hoffman  (at Floatin’ Barton To Carver On The Clackamas River)
30th Aug 201417:38
My yoga photos from yesterday’s hike in the Gorge don’t hold a candle to this particular shot. Sometimes you gotta just chill on a rock. Playboy style.  (at Angel’s Rest)
30th Aug 201409:18
A Ballerina in Portlandia 💎👑💖⚡️ Fotos up on the blog : http://amyrollo.com/blog  (at www.amyrollo.com)
29th Aug 201409:34
Looks like I’m going to have a bunch of prints hanging out at @lizardloungepdx for their First Thursday party next week! This double exposure taken in #glaciernationalpark will definitely be up on the wall. Come drink beer and buy art! Yeah!! 🙌 (at Amy Rollo Photo)
Big world. Tiny dancer. Taken at Halfway River in British Columbia.  (at Amy Rollo Photo)
27th Aug 201408:55
White sand + turquoise water + blue sky = paradise found. 💦☀️🌏 Photos and stories about #kohrong up on the blog http://amyrollo.com/blog (at Amy Rollo Photo)
Fording the Middle Fork River in Boise National Forest in search if hot springs and a campsite. Soon after this shot we bushwhacked our way to the main trail. Bare feet and backpacks are not conducive to river crossings. 💦👣🌾 (at www.amyrollo.com)
25th Aug 201410:29
Got this shot on my phone from an early morning hike out of the Middle Fork River in Idaho. The river there twists and turns so many times that after about 2 miles on the trail you have to start fording to cross every few minutes. A magical place, to be sure. 💦👣🌲 (at Amy Rollo Photo)
24th Aug 201409:351 note
It’s been weeks since I’ve been to a Saturday morning yoga class. Travel and routine do not go well together. @katesusanna has promised to give the arm balance junkies a fix this morning. I am stoked. 💪 (at YoYoYogi)
23rd Aug 201409:07
Go somewhere beautiful this weekend. Happy Friday Adventurers 👣🌲💦 (at www.amyrollo.com)
22nd Aug 201410:09
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